The European Birdsong meeting (EBM) is a scientific event organized for European researchers dedicated to the study of the neuroscience of birdsong. After Paris (France, 2012), Odense (Denmark, 2013), Munich (Germany, 2014), Capo Caccia (Italy, 2015) and Bordeaux (France, 2017), the next edition will come back to Odense from the 12th to the 13rd of April 2018. The objective of the meeting is to bring together senior researchers, PhD students and post-docs giving them the opportunity to present their most recent work. Including plenary sessions and poster presentations, the meeting will be a great place to exchange opinions on birdsong at various levels, from the cellular levels to the most integrated functions. Neuroscience, behavioral ecology, ethology and cognition will be the main general topics of interest.


Confirmed speakers - Imaging workshop

This year, the EBM meeting kicks off with a workshop on “Novel methods in neural imaging” presenting the state of the art of neural imaging in our exciting field, such as in vivo spine dynamics and calcium imaging, MRI and connectomics.

Richard Hahnloser (ETH, Zurich)

Bill Liberti (University of Boston)

Annemie van der Linden (Antwerpen University)

Todd Roberts (UT Southwestern)

Philipp Schubert (MPI Neurobiology)

Confirmed speakers - EBM

Coming soon


Elemans lab, Sound Communication and Behavior group

Department of Biology University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Denmark


Independent Research Fund Denmark

SDU Imaging

Registration is free and will include coffee and lunch.

Please let us know: 1) how you would like your name to be listed on your badge, and 2) if you will bring any poster(s), so we can estimate the necessary poster space.

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